Do you need to get a funnel builder and a mailer at the same time?  This means that you can build awesome funnel pages and keep in touch with your customers. Normally, this will set you back to about 500 per month depending on the type of services or the type of company you use. However, there is one company that you can use such that it is only a one time fee and you can get all your needs settled. Have you tried to design a beautiful looking website? I think it is not easy to design. Unless you are a trained technical person and you know some coding. There are also other useful places that you can use to design your website. For example, like WordPress which have some useful tools for you to do. A great example will be Divi builder. There are also a lot of other wordpress tools as well. However, they would still need to pay a monthly fee for the hosting. Therefore, if you want to save on the hosting itself you can consider this tool. Do you want to know which company it is? Drop me a message and I will be in contact with you !