What is tiger broker? Tiger broker is a platform which allows users to buy US stocks, SG stocks and ASX stocks. They also cover Hongkong and China. This allows you to play with enough markets that you are keen in. One thing which I find it better than others is that they allow users to play with OTC counters which are higher risks but with possibly higher returns. However, if you are playing with a lot of shares which you intend to buy, then you might find it being a bit more costly. However, it is still affordable as compared to some other broker. If you are currently in Singapore and you want to register with them, you can do it very quickly via SingPass. This is an amazing way as if you use SingPass app, you can get your application approved within a day. If you only have weekends to open your account, it would be approved very fast using your SingPass. If you need to know what tiger broker is, do check it out using the link right here! If you are a visual person who requires more infographics, do check it out below!


On top of that, they are offering funding rewards. If your first deposit is more than 2,000 you will receive $30 vouchers, if your first deposit is more than 5,000 you will receive $50, if your first deposit is 10,000, you get $70 and if it is more than 30,000, then you get 100 vouchers. There is also a referral program where if you invite 3 friends and above, you get to scratch and see which stock you can get for free. And the best part is for tesla stock, once you open with your friend, both you and your friend get 10% off tesla stock. This is very amazing way make money if you are a regular investor. That is why remember to use my invite and open your account!

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