Snapchat has taken the internet by storm, and millions of
users participate on the app every day. With such a huge
user base, it’s a good idea to at least consider making it
a part of your marketing plan.

But what exactly is Snapchat?

Most people who don’t use it seem to think of it only as
some app teens and tweens use to send naughty messages to
each other, but that’s definitely not the case! In fact,
such use is actually a small minority these days.

It’s not even mostly young people using the app these days.
A huge chunk of users are actually between 20 and 30, and
there’s also a significant portion of users over age 30.

Okay, so what IS Snapchat, anyway?

Snapchat is a social media app that is somewhat similar to
Instagram. It allows users to send each other pictures and
videos (referred to as “Snaps”). But the major difference
between Snapchat and Instagram is that Snaps disappear
a few seconds after the recipient views them, while posts
on Instagram stay indefinitely.

You may think this makes the platform useless for
marketing, but a lot of companies have had tremendous
success with the platform! Companies like Taco Bell and
McDonald’s are getting users engaged at an astonishing
rate with Snapchat, and if you’re looking to reach the
under 30 market, you’ll find even more success.

Plus, you can also use Snapchat Stories instead of just
snaps. Stories allow you to post multiple pictures and
videos in a collection, which is viewable for 24 hours
instead of up to 10 seconds. Recipients can also view
the Stories an unlimited number of times during that
24 hour period.

If you haven’t used Snapchat, go download it and play
around with it. It’s actually a lot of fun to use, and
it doesn’t take long at all to get the hang of it. It’s
actually remarkably simple to use.

Snapchat is available on the iTunes App Store and on
Google Play for Android.

If you need a guide, check it out here!