What is SEO?

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

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Have you ever wondered if your website could be the one that makes the big bucks? If so, then you need to know the secrets that the pros use when they are trying to dominate their competition. You see, there are certain things that will make your website more profitable, and other things that will actually decrease your profits. However, once you understand these secrets, you will be able to effortlessly write an “SEO-friendly” blog post… and… you will have a significant advantage over your competition. It is like the bridge between you and your audience.

Keyword Research 101

Do you know the difference between “searches” and “keywords”? If not, don’t worry. That’s how most people are today. In fact, according to a recent survey, 72% of website owners have no idea what keywords their customers are using to find them. This is truly a sad situation because it means that these website owners are leaving lots of profit on the table.

Keywords are the words or phrases that people type into search engines to find what they want. And the keywords people use to find your website should be able to produce a lot of traffic… and… a lot of profit. Here are some examples of good keywords:

dog collar

Boston terrier puppies for sale

baby clothes for girls

The goal here is to come up with a list of words and/or phrases that are descriptive of your website… and then… include those words and/or phrases in your site’s title and/or URL (Uniform Resource Locator). For example, if you sell information on how to buy cars, you might start with the word “cars” and then add the descriptive words “cheap,” “depreciation,” “buying guides,” etc. 

The words you choose for your website’s title and/or URL are important. They appear in blue in Internet searches, and so they should be words that both attract people to your website… and… make those people feel an immediate sense of “warmth” when they see your site.

Once you know what people are searching for, it’s time to   start thinking about how to     incorporate those keywords     into your website copy.           

Let’s start with your written content. What you want to do is make sure that every word on your website contains one or more of those important keywords. Don’t worry if your website is 100% keyword-driven. That will happen naturally as you write and publish more and more profitable website copy.

What you want to strive for is a healthy balance between keywords and non-keywords.

For example, instead of saying “we sell information on how to buy cars,” you might say “we have information on cheap used cars in California.” In other words, you want to use the right amount of “keywordy” words to get your point across… without losing sight of the fact that people must read your website copy to find out what it is you are selling.

Now, let’s talk about your website design.

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Keywords In Page Title For SEO

Keywords In Page Title For SEO

It is recommended to utilize key phrases in web page titles itself. This title tag is different from a Meta description or keyword tag, but it’s as well as crucial onsideration for your total page optimization. Whatever message one puts in the title tag (assume keyword phrases and also style here) will certainly show up in the title bar of internet browsers when they watch the website. Some web browsers additionally add whatever you put in the title tag by adding their own name, when it comes to example Microsoft’s Web Explorer or OPERA. The actual message you use in the title tag is one of the most essential factors in exactly how an internet search engine may decide to rank your website. In addition, all significant internet crawlers will use the text of your title tag as the message they use for the title of your page in your listings. This, similar to a heading in a newspaper, invites the reader along with setting the topic and also theme. If you have actually designed your site as a collection of web sites or linked web pages as well as not just a single Web page, you need to keep in mind that each page of your site should be internet search engine maximized. The title of each web page i.e. the keyword phrases you utilize on that particular web page and also the phrases you make use of in the web content will draw web traffic to your website. The distinct mix of these words and also phrases as well as web content will draw clients using various search engine terms and techniques, so be sure you record all the key phrases and also phrases you require for each product, solution or details web page. Nevertheless, see to it you do not keyword pile, or keyword spam. The most common error made by local business proprietors when they first develop their site is to position their company name or company name in every title of every web page. Really most of your prospective clients do not bother to recognize the name of your firm up until after they have taken a look at your website and also determined it deserves publication noting. So, while you want your company name in the title of the web page, it is probably a waste of important key words as well as space to place it in the title line of every page on your website. Why not consider placing keywords in the title so that your web page will certainly show closer to the top of the internet search engine listing. Dedicating initial 3 positions for search phrases in title preventing the stop words like ‘as well as’, ‘at’ and so forth is important in search engine optimization.