Free Funnel for you with ability to sell

Free Funnel for you with ability to sell

Groove Funnel. This is the amazing tool that has got everyone talking. And why ?

This is very obvious. They are the fastest growing funnel builder which has taken into account of the feedback from other users. And that is already so amazing. For a lifetime deal, you will be getting some of the best support and a lot of great teachers to teach you and support you!

Let me just list down some of the features so that you can take a look!

Firstly, they have wireframes or design block which are blocks to kickstart your inspiration!

Secondly, they have a whole lot of functions which are known as elements to get you started. If you want to know in details what they are, I have already written an e-book about it. You can also just scroll down and take a look.

They have different elements like text so that you can fit your text in the website and capture your audience attention. You also have a list which you can then list out the good points of your website. Buttons can also be easily added so that you can get your audience to click and see what you have to offer or at least to buy button!

 You can add media like Videos , pictures and Vimeo! In fact, if you upgrade to the life time deal premium, you actually get the video integration which allows you to track the visitors and see who is seeing it. They just up the price to 1,898 for the lifetime deal. Once it is no longer in “beta” mode, the price will be skyrocketed to another level! If you need a guide just leave me a comment and I will drop it to you!