So I am currently different themes to experiment and work on my WordPress sites. There are so many wonderful different themes to get and work on. However, I must admit that there are so many different themes and plugins that I do get confused as well. Sometimes, even I am not sure of what I want to copy/emulate so that I can get the best results which I want. However, I will say this: I find Acme Themes are quite good. If you want to see a sample of it, leave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP. The great part of it is that they have a menu which allows you to play with and get you to display your stuff in the most amazing way. I am still playing with it, and will update it with an example of the theme in action.
Remember that before purchasing something, it is always good to find out first and do your reading as below


I am currently in the midst of preparing one website with Acme Themes. It is simple and fast to do. This is more so when you can use their plugins to get the demo site out fast. I will get the links if there are enough comments below!